Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Because She Only Has a Few Words, Choice or Otherwise


Why are people even paying attention to this biznitch. WHY AM I?

And on Monday night, she took on New Jersey’s blunt-talking governor, her fellow Republican Chris Christie, declaring that he had gotten “his panties in a wad” in a “rookie mistake” that reflected a “lack of self discipline.”

Okay. This is why. Rookie mistake? Lack of self discipline? Panties in a wad? Isn't this the half-a-term governor (rookie) that quit (lack of self discipline), doesn't read newspapers - except the one she uses to line Trigg's cage - (rookie mistake), spent a lot of campaign money at Saks or somewhere other than her Dress Barn Outlet (lack of self discipline). What has she done other than make rookie mistakes that show a lack of self discipline that quite frankly put my panties in a wad - Joan Osborne.

And I'm not Chris Christie devotee or anything so that's that but if she's espousing her expertise in something other than raising a lot of children and being a failed VP candidate she needs to shut it down.

The Interlopere: Crystal's back!

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  1. interlopere! I'm glad you're back.
    Don't look directly into her eyes, shes a master manipulator!