Friday, January 27, 2012

Coincidence... or Time Life Books

You be the judge Dear Readers -


Demi Moore was acting "hyper" and once she's hospitalized 35 pounds of cocaine end up at the UN. Now I ain't skooled in no detective stuff or even matematics but I'm pretty sure Demi's dealer flipped the fuck out when he (Tracy Morgan) realized that Grandma was going to rehab. And of course, all of this is alleged. Now I was hoping for a little insight from Whoopi on The View because I'm pretty sure those two were lickin' lines off of each other during Ghost and that's how the famous line "Molly... you in danger gurl" came about because Whoopi was so high she thought Demi was named Molly as she went into a seizure back then. And again, this is all alleged. RIP Patrick Swayze. They want the information about what was ingested "redacted"? Is she some special ops agent? I mean, the people want to know.

And then, to add insult to injury:

I'm quite sure my dad had something to do with this!

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