Thursday, January 26, 2012

Facebook Fan Page

Or something like that. Listen even though Crystal AKA The Interlopere is only 27 technology to her has never really made sense. We're really a Commodore 64 kind of gal. But thanks to the genius of The Interlopere's IT Specialist Connie B AKA Connie Chung AKA Because You Con Con Con we now have a Facebook page. Connie Chung will be updating it periodically with things like our favorite recipes from Rachel Ray, Books We Can't Wait To See The Movie Version Of and Classic Sayings by Grandma Betty.

Like our page.

Like me.

Somebody has to like me best - Dianne Wiest in The Birdcage.

Oh and PS - Connie Chung is NOT our IT Specialist because she's Asian and there's a stereotype that Asians are good at computers. So don't even think about starting that rumor Perez Hilton!

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