Monday, January 30, 2012

The Help Me to Stay Awake During This Movie

Ugh. Now I am all for black people getting to win awards. When Oprah handed Barack Obama the President of the United States Prize I was crying with the rest of my brothers and sisters, but I can't get behind The Help. And I love Viola Davis. And that skinny white girl that was in 3000 movies last year including the one with the dinosaurs, but I can't support a movie about black people that needs another skinny white girl to save them and tell their story. Now listen Dear Readers - before you tell me to see this movie, blah blah blah - Crystal did. Opening night. She was at the Premiere! But I never understood what Emma Stone was doing in this movie and I know it was a book - Crystal does not read books if it is also a movie - but can we not tell the story of black folks in better and different ways.

Go see Pariah. Pariah for President! Precious for VP!


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  1. Don't blame Crystal for these sausage links. Blame the Internet!!!