Monday, January 30, 2012

Herman McCain Endorses Newt!

It's early Monday morning and Crystal is NOT hungover which is why we're up so sweet tits early and this is what I have to wake up to? Now I know Herman McCain's endorsement came Saturday night but we're on LST (Lesbian Standard Time) so things happen at least one day later for us. We're practically Australian. I have no idea what that means.

I'm not sure one wants the endorsement of Mr. McCain... right? He had to drop out for allegedly touching every Vagine within an inch of his pepperoni stick. Maybe these guys just stick together out of some locker room bravado? They do say cheaters never win.

And then there's Sarah Palin. What the shittin' shit for shit's sake are we doing listening to this hoo-hoo? I mean, I can't stop but I am not a major news network. And since I've got cable TV - an antenna! - her nasty sound bitten face is all over Today starring Ms. Ann Curry.

Somewhere Zack De La Rocha is speed dialing Eddie Vedder, crying in the fetal position, saying how she co-opted his band's name.

"Annoy a liberal. Vote for Newt" - Sarah Palin on Fox News, the station where they were once both employed.

And that Jeanine Pirro. Remember her. That nasty pants who thought she had a dingleberries chance in my buttocks to win the New York state senate seat starring Mr. HIllary Clinton.

Dear Ms. Pirro - I don't think so. Also, then she was a TV judge going up against another powerful woman: Judge Judy Sheindlin. I think Ms. Pirro is a dum-dum. My apologies to the lollipop.

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