Thursday, January 26, 2012

Not A Good Week for Ray Kelly

Now first of all, I know all of my national and international Dear Readers get upset when I just write about New York, like it's the center of the universe or something. But when you are hobnobbing with the elite, like myself, this is just what you run across. Both Barbara Walters and Cindy Adams were telling me last night about Ray Kelly's son and all of our faces just about fell to the floor - at one point I'm quite positive Cindy's chin did and then she had an assistant put it back on. Anyway, I digress.

But Greg Kelly a rapist? After Ray Kelly is telling me about the 3rd Jihad? I think there's a Jihad going on in the Kelly household if you catch my drift Dear Readers and I'm quite sure you do!

THis is a real scandal! It's all so messy and - who knew (certainly not I because you couldn't pay me to watch Fox unless it is because Ms. Jennifer Lopez and Ms. Steven Tyler are tellin' the fat kids they can't sing on American Idol - that Greg Kelly is a Fox News Anchor? ANd apparently he hasn't been on the morning show since the accusations.

Now you know Crystal is an advocate of women's rights (ABORTIONS FOR ALL - FREE!) but she met some guy on the street, brought him to her office after a couple of drinks, then the alleged rape occurred and then they were texting and emailing after? Now, Crystal would not email and/or text her rapist. Would you? I'm sure this guy is a nasty (most men are) plus he's the son of a cop (I'm really pigeonholing him now) but even all of that stuff doesn't make him a rapist. But maybe he is... what do I know? Also, I'm always surprised when men in a certain position (no pun intended) rape because can't they just hire someone for the sex making? Can't wait to see how all of this unfolds (like the lips of my labia no doubt!)

Love ya!

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