Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Strange Man on the Bush Compound

No, no, not Barbara wandering around in just her pearls. For real a crazy toon. Now, take some time to read the above article. It's very short. And then let's find out what's not right about this.

A: He was spiritually told to pick up a package. Hmmmm.

B: He had a gun in the car.

C: He was let go.

Now you know, Dear Readers, that Crystal was never GWB's biggest fan but it seems like a bit of a boo boo that this man was not detained. So now he's runnin' around Texas with a gun in his car trying to pick up packages for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. This reminds me of Grandpa Hank working at the post office in his cardigans and bringing his jumbo lunch buckets for 2nd shift.

Listen, it's the only package reference I have right now that isn't about dick.

But seriously. This wack-a-doodle was let go, and the name is not released to the press... I smell a rat and I think that maybe this was George Sr. or maybe it really was Barbara in just her pearls?!

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