Friday, February 3, 2012

Is Lana Del Rey (LDR) Transgender?

Now Dear Readers Crystal herself may be transgender so keep your GLAAD rags out of my inbox okay?

Thank you. True story:

Young Crystal, next to Grandma Betty's bed: Grandma Betty, what are these washcloths doing on the side of your bed?

Grandma Betty: Those are my glad rags honey.

Young Crystal: Glad rags?

Grandma Betty: To clean up Grandpa's sperms.

Young Crystal:

But seriously. Last night Crystal was at a fabulous after party for a fabulous art event and one of her many admirers approached her about Ms. Lana Del Ray and told Crystal that he thought she sounded like "a tranny" so it got Crystal to thinking... is LDR a transgender? Those lips, those Barbra-nails elongating her very large hands. That voice. Just some food for thought this morning Dear Readers. Here she is on Letterman last night.

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