Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thank You Connie Chung

Dear Readers - for those of you who didn't believe me, who never believe in me I would like to show you this email from Connie Chung herself, The Interlopere's IT specialist. Certain information has been removed in order to protect the innocent (Maury Povich, Grandma Betty).

I'm guessing by sausage links you mean hyperlinks imbedded in a word or sentence.  Well, as the IT specialist for The Interlopere's facebook pageConnie Chung is here to help.  Attached you will find another of screen shots that illustrate what I am about to tell.  First for the type the word/sentence you want to use (i.e. "New York magazine article) the highlight the word - see screenshot 1.  Then, select the button that says "link" - see screenshot 2.  Next, in the pop-up box that comes up copy the URL that you wish to link to the phrase in the box that says "to what URL should this link go?" - see screenshot 3. Finally, hit ok and your phrase will be linked - see screenshot 4.


Let me know if it works.

Signing off --
Connie Chung.


Mobile: bippityboppityboo
**please note NEW email address**

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